5 Delicious Holiday Blend Coffees to Try This December

It’s been scientifically proven* that the holiday season causes chronic exhaustion. This is why it has also been scientifically proven* that there is no more important month for coffee drinking than December. Even if your coffee drinking is just a stop-gap for warding off the sleep deprivation resulting from your very own 5 a.m. Christmas Day small-child-alarm-clock, who cares? It gives you energy, it smells divine, it’s delicious. And, in my humble opinion, if you’re gonna be drinking coffee this holiday, you should make it the most special coffee you can find. But, I get it – you’re busy – you’ve got presents to buy – you’ve got places to go. You don’t have time to search the world for the most delicious holiday blends of 2016. To that I say: behold my list of the 5 Most Delicious Holiday Blend Coffees of 2016. Also, through December 19, if you order the Onyx “Framily” Holiday Blend or the Bespoken Holiday Blend (which, incidentally, are my two favorites on this list of awesome coffees), you will get free shipping. And you should know that I get nothing from this deal except the good feeling of hooking you up with really great coffee. 😉


Photo of Verve Coffee Holiday Blend Coffee

Verve Holiday Blend ($20.25/12 oz. bag)
Roaster: Verve Coffee
Details: Honduras, Guatemala, Kenya. Wet process. Elevation 1700-2000m. Medium roast.
Tasting Notes: Molasses, Sugar Plum, Festive
Drinking situation: Sunday morning while reading The New York Times and planning your imaginary trip to Capri this spring.


Photo of Stumpton Holiday Blend - Sleighride

Sleigh/Slay Ride ($19/12 oz. bag)
Roaster: Stumptown
Details: Central/South Americas and Indonesia. Washed. Elevation 1300-1400m. Light-to-medium roast.
Tasting Notes: Citrus, Caramel, Cinnamon
Drinking situation: Private at-home dance party. No additional information needed.


Photo of Onyx Coffee Holiday Blend Coffee - Framily

“Framily” Holiday Blend ($16/12 oz. bag)
Roaster: Onyx Coffee Lab
Details: Ethiopia and Columbia. Washed and Honey. Elevation 1750-1900m. Medium roast.
Tasting Notes: German Chocolate Cake, Maple, Blackberry, Mint, Spice
Free shipping through Dec. 19 with code ANNELOVESCOFFEE
Drinking situation: Commencing a heavily procrastinated, eleventh-hour present wrapping session.


Photo of Kobrick Coffee Holiday Blend Coffee

Holiday Blend ($15.15/1 lb. bag)
Roaster: Kobrick Coffee Co.
Details: Ethiopia, Guatemala, and Sumatra. Medium roast.
This Holiday Season a portion of the proceeds support the World Wildlife Fund.
Tasting Notes: Nuanced Spice, Subtle Notes of Chocolate
Drinking situation: Binge-watching Cake Wars: Christmas while pretending to do work.


Photo of Bespoken Holiday Blend Coffee

Holiday Blend ($17/12 oz. bag)
Roaster: Bespoken Coffee Roasters
Details: Guatemala, Ethiopia, Kenya. Washed. Elevation 1600-2000m. Light roast.
Tasting notes: Cocoa, Plum, Sweet Molasses Finish
Free shipping through Dec. 31. No code necessary.
Drinking situation: Snuggling kittens, hanging stockings, and eating gingerbread while stringing popcorn garlands and watching the roaring streaming-video fireplace.

* Not really. 🙂

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