Places to Drink Coffee in L.A.: Alfred Coffee & Kitchen {Melrose Place}

Hey there. Today’s subject is Alfred Coffee & Kitchen {Melrose Place} in West Hollywood – also known as the first of the Alfred Coffee shops – and not to be confused with the second Alfred Coffee {In the Alley} that is on Melrose Avenue and exactly 0.3 miles from the original shop. Don’t ask me why, but probably because Los Angeles residents are generally afraid to walk anywhere, and if a street needs to be crossed, it is seen as a real legitimate reason for abandoning the entire mission.

Of the three Alfred Coffees I’ve been to, I have never been disappointed, but definitely my soft spot is for the Melrose Place location. These are some of the features that have enamored me to this one in particular:

  • They have an entire freezer dedicated to McConnell’s Ice Cream. If you do not know about McConnell’s – stop everything and look it up. [Update: since publishing this article in October 2015, Alfred has replace their McConnell’s stash with a fridge full of fresh coconuts. Healthier, yes… more delicious, no!]
  • They are so close to my apartment and before I even moved to my current place, I had been visiting Alfred’s – so there is the nostalgia piece
  • The space is weirdly beautiful. It is a strange combination of floral wallpaper and stark black walls with bold white lettering.  It has sort of a rustic country cabin feel on the one hand, and a gentile English country home on the other.  It throws your visual balance off a little, and I like it.  It works for me.
  • The people who work there are really nice.  Even though most (all?) of them are pretty definitely hipsters, they never act as if you are some out-of-towner know-nothing who they cannot be bothered to serve (unlike some coffee shops which I will not be featuring on this blog).  They are nice and patient and pretty calm.  Very nice.  So, yes, I like that, too.
  • The people in line (and there seems to be always a line) are always so interestingly dressed.  It is good people-watching, and also I get ideas about new outfits to wear.
  • They make coffee (Stumptown) so many ways. Since variety is one of my driving values, this might be the thing I love the most about Alfred. You want drip coffee, espresso drinks, lattes with designs in the foam, cold brew coffee, nitro cold brew coffee, iced espresso, and any variation of these, you will be so happy.  Then there is the famous $10 coffee which is made from unicorn milk and love.  Just kidding.  It is made from cold-pressed almond milk, 3-4 shots of espresso and your choice of vanilla or chocolate.  I’ve never had it because I am morally opposed to almond milk in coffee, but I have heard it is magic.

So for the first of my coffee shop reviews, you have now officially been introduced to Alfred Coffee.

Scroll down to see more of Alfred and all the great stuff they have there.


My real problem here is the "No Dogs Allowed" sign strategically hidden in the plants. Nice try, Alfred Coffee.
My real problem here is the “No Dogs Allowed” sign strategically hidden in the plants. But other than that, everything IS wonderful.


Cold brewed coffee in case you don't live close enough to just come here and get it fresh every morning.
Cold brewed coffee in case you don’t live close enough to just come here and get it fresh every morning.

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