Black Insomnia Coffee: so much nope.

When I first heard about South African coffee company Black Insomnia’s ultra-caffeinated coffee beans, I had low expectations. I was doubtful their claim of 3.5x the caffeine of “ordinary” coffee (whatever that is) could be true, even though, according to the “Caffeine Informer and other science people who know their shit” this coffee supposedly has been proven to contain at least 702mg of caffeine per 12 oz. cup.

But being a coffee person, I am constantly compelled to try new coffee things so I bought a bag.


Just as expected.

Don’t bother. Here’s why:

  1. It’s not great tasting coffee. Drinkable yes. Delicious no. I picked up a faint essence of peanuts. I wish I were joking. When you add cream, it tastes “better” but still not great.
  2. It’s roasted in South Africa and shipped to the States. Ergo, the beans are not fresh. I think the expiration date said “Good through October 2017.” No coffee person will think this is okay.
  3. The bag is ugly. This is subjective but whatever.
  4. The roast is too dark. This makes it slightly more drinkable with heavy cream added, but I’m just not a fan of the darker roasts. Or peanut essence.
  5. Admittedly, I am fully addicted to coffee, but I noticed not one single bit of extra caffeination each and every time I drank it including this morning (so I could have a fresh reference for writing this blog – you’re welcome).
  6. And then there’s this from the Black Insomnia website: “Our original batches came out with a much higher level of caffeine content, but we found that it might just be irresponsible to make that available to the masses, so we cut it back to safer levels, just as we hope that you will too.” Oh please.

So, no, I do not recommend Black Insomnia coffee for any reason – not to get high on caffeine, not for coffee drinking enjoyment, and not even for turning clear water a lovely brown color. I give it an C-. Mostly because even with all those flaws, it’s still better than most Starbucks coffee.

P.S. #sleepingisnotcheating #sleepingisalittlesliceofheaven

Photo of Dinosaur "Fuck It" diner coffee mug
Black Insomnia “3x the caffeine” coffee. A hot cup of nope.

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