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IMG_0530There is a special kind of sadness that comes from watching your New England friends discussing on social media about how much they love October. In Los Angeles, we do not have October. No. In Los Angeles, we have July’s evil twin. While the rest of the country is lovingly posting their glowy “October is the best month in the world” memes on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest, all of Southern California is obsessively checking weather.com to find out if the temp is ever going to drop below 80.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun to see how your friends’ lives are full of pumpkin spice lattes and weekends of apple picking and leaf peeping and temperature-appropriate wearing of snuggly fall sweaters. It is also possible that an unbiased third party might point out that it is technically bragging to post about this sort of thing on social media when you know you have followers who live in parts of the country where putting on a sweater in October could quite realistically cause heat stroke.

But go ahead and post your hot coffee and apple-cider donut photos. Post your weekend getaways to Vermont. Post your warm cinnamon-scented pumpkin muffin recipes. It’s fine. No really. And anyway, I know you don’t feel sorry for us. This is could be to do with fact that every single Los Angeles resident has – at some point – posted a beach photo in the middle of February with some combo of the following hashtags: #februaryinLA, #80andsunnyagain, #blessed. Note to my SoCal friends: payback is a bitch, and apparently she loves October.

Don’t worry, it’s all good. And to show that there are zero hard feelings, here is a little photo-journal of my October. I call this piece: October – LA-style (by Anne Stericker).  Enjoy.

Photo of my 3000th iced coffee of the season.  #pumpkinspicethis


The “Los Angeles Sweater” and yes we wear sunglasses all the time. #losangelessweater



What I won’t be wearing with my Halloween costume. #coatsruinthecostume


And, a little preview of what I will be posting February 2016. 🙂

#summer #beach

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#fallwinterandspringtoo #blessed.


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