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Today, ladies and gentlemen, I am reviewing the wonderful, the beautiful, the awesome G&B Coffee in Downtown Los Angeles (from here on out #dtla; hashtag: because I can.) Founded by Kyle Glanville (G) and Charles Babinski (B), G&B’s mission is to introduce people to the great coffees of the World. I have been to this coffee shop now many times and every time I have loved it. And here, my furry friends, are the reasons G&B is possibly my favorite of the many awesome coffee shops in Los Angeles:

1. Amazing coffee. Of all my trips to G&B, every cup of coffee and/or espresso drink has been amazing. The drip coffee: delicious. The iced coffee: delicious. Macadamia/almond milk latte: So damn delicious. On that last point, some of you may remember that I am not much of an espresso drink drinker or a nut milk drinker. However…HOWEVER, there is now an exception, and the exception is the G&B almond-milk/macadamia-milk latte (see hero image above). I think the combination of the almond and the macadamia confuses my taste buds into thinking that I am drinking something as delicious as real milk. And, as if the delicious coffee drinks aren’t enough, G&B sells many, many awesome brands of coffee.

coffee beans, G&B Coffee
Awesome coffee for sale at G&B.

2. Cool location and great atmosphere. G&B is located in the Grand Central Market, a 30,000 square-foot arcade encompassing a food emporium and retail marketplace of both old and new food vendors selling everything from dried beans and tamarind to artisan cheeses and fresh pressed juices. Because the Grand Central Market is huge, the ceilings are high, and the space feels really open. G&B is located at one of the market’s two open-air entrances, so it has an indoor-outdoor feel, which is perfect for enjoying two amazing Los Angeles’ specialties: its super awesome weather and one of its best coffee shops. Add to that a contemporary, bright shop design, and you have a pretty great atmosphere for enjoying a cup of coffee.

G&B Coffee Design, Los Angeles Grand Central Market
The huge open-air space of the Grand Central Market makes G&B’s contemporary design feel even more light and fresh.

3. Delicious food. Hot-off-the-waffle-press yeasted waffles. Home-made granola. Toast with jam or cinnamon sugar. All manners of delicious baked goods. Hey, listen, it is IMPORTANT to me when my delicious coffee shops also serve delicious food. G&B delivers.

4. Super patient and nice baristas. Okay, it’s true that every time I go to G&B, I feel a little bit like I might be a character in an episode of Portlandia, particularly when it comes to asking and receiving answers about the different drink and food options. However, that aside, the staff at G&B has always, and I mean always, been incredibly patient and friendly during the sometimes extraordinarily drawn-out ordering process. Recently, when I was there with two friends who were G&B newbies, I am pretty sure it took us 10 minutes to order – partly because we kept changing our minds about what to get (it’s not our fault! Everything sounded so good!). The guy who was helping was so sweet. He said, after our profuse apologies “Don’t worry! I get paid by the hour.” See? Patient, and they have a sense of humor! How can you not love them?

G&B Coffee, Grand Central Market
G&B Coffee at Grand Central Market.

G&B Coffee

Grand Central Market – Downtown Los Angeles

312 S. Broadway, #C19 (link to stall map of market)

Los Angeles, CA 90013

7AM-6PM Daily
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  1. Larry | 8th Mar 16

    I love G&B! Every time I go downtown, I try to make an excuse to visit there. I second the motion about the Baristas being friendly and helpful too.

    • Anne Stericker | 8th Mar 16

      Yes! Another fan! Have you ever had the macadamia/almond milk latte (or capuccino)?

  2. steve | 9th Mar 16

    Ahem, did you refer to your readers as … “furry”? Who you callin furry, missy?

    I’m still not much a coffee drinker (and so continue to have no business patronizing this blog I guess), but I love love Grand Central. Used to go down there in the 90s and loved the crazy random mixed-up-LA vibe of all those old stalls selling scary animal part meats in foods Salvadorean Korean old-hot-dog’ian Oaxacan etc. And love it now too with (yeah, “gentrification is bad”, etc) all the new stalls of cool upscale eats (Wexler’s Deli, Eggslut where I’ve yet to eat because Lines, some pretty good sausage place that I have eaten at because No Lines, etc.).

    And always love that it’s across the street from the Bradbury Building, one of the wonders of L.A., and also that it’s right on great ol’ Broadway, home of the amazing, grand old L.A. theaters that are this |—| close to all getting restored and revived for real, I can sense it. Angels Flight right there on the hill …

    Anyway, glad you liked that coffee stuff they serve there 🙂

    • Anne Stericker | 12th Mar 16

      Hahaha! Some how your comment ending up in my spam file! Anyway, this has been corrected. And yes I referred to my readers – even the non-coffee drinking ones – as furry! It is a huge compliment as I LOVE furry things. Anyway, thank you for reading even though you don’t drink coffee, no matter how tragic that is. 🙂

  3. Carol Elaine | 10th Mar 16

    I haven’t been there since the new store was completed. It was still a temporary kiosk when my friend Sarah and I tried it.

    Sounds like it’s time for a G&B field trip! Who wants to join me?

    • Anne Stericker | 12th Mar 16

      I think you will really like it. So much nicer than before!

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