Life Hack: How Avocado Can Make Your Skin Smooth

The avocado: a creamy, green, glorious fruit and one of the best food reasons to live in California. I love avocado so damn much. It’s good on toast with salt, lemon and olive oil when I am feeling like a little hipster, and, as guacamole, it’s the best thing about Mexican food (and there are a so many good things about Mexican food). The best thing about avocado, though, is that it is so super good for you. According to [the 100% factually accurate] Wikipedia, 1/2  cup of avocado provides the following RDA: Vitamin C (12%), B-6 (10%), magnesium (5%), potassium (350+mg) and fiber (5g). Yes, that creamy little sucker is loaded with fiber. It is also high in the best kinds of fats – the kind that are great for your heart and your skin.

So that’s avocado, the food. But there is also avocado, the skin care item. As a woman, I have been subjected to so. many. health and beauty articles in my life, and, consequently, I have seen all kinds of “recipes” for masks made with mashed avocado. Look, there go four right now (by the way, each of these four recipes has 3 or less common household ingredients… as long as you consider the avocado a common ingredient). To be honest, I think just putting plain mashed avocado on your face is probably equally good, but it would be difficult to write a an entire magazine article about that.

All of this is to say I am pretty much an expert on avocado face masks, and so I was surprised to just recently learn a new little tidbit about the avocado: the inside of an avocado peel makes a great skin exfoliator. It is rough – kind of like a cat’s tongue – and if the peel is fresh, it is flexible enough to turn inside out so you can rub it all over your face (or any other body part that you want). And because there is usually a little avocado left on the peel, you also get the moisturizing benefit of the left over avocado. I tried this as soon as I read about it, and it did make my skin so smooth and soft so now I do it all the time.

There is another skin care use for avocado I have yet to try: using the avocado pit as a scrub. This involves more effort. You have to crack the pit in half and let it dry out. Then you can use a hammer to crack the dried pit into smaller pieces which supposedly can be ground up in a blender. Again, I haven’t tried this, so proceed at your own risk. I would probably use this scrub on body parts other than my face because the avocado peel is about as aggressive as I want to get with that part of my body. But I would think the avo pit scrub would be perfect for legs and arms and feet. If I end up trying it, I’ll update this post to let you know if I had to buy a new blender, and if it was really any better than ground flax seed or a salt scrub.

Here is a video of me prepping the peel and using it to exfoliate my skin.

See? So easy.

Have you tried this before? What other easy/effective home-made scrubs and masks do you like to use on your face and body?

photo of avocado
Heart you, avocado. You’re so pretty and so ugly at the same time.


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