Life-Hack No. 1: Stick-on Wallet

From time to time I can be known among my friends as a person who has some info about how to make life a little easier. Due to this fact, I’ll be putting together a series of life hacks with some of these useful tips. This is the first one, therefore, life hack no. 1.

So, without further ado, today I am telling you about the best thing that has happened to my iPhone, possibly ever: the stick-on credit card holder. And this is why. This little baby has made it so whenever I have my iPhone in hand (98% of the time), I have super-quick access to my credit card, cash, driver’s license – basically whatever I have stored in the stick-on wallet at the time.

And, now, I’m going to tell you just a few of the ways this easy-access has made my life better:

  1. Now, when I am paying the parking meter, I don’t have to find quarters or fish my wallet out of my purse. Just grab iPhone and slip credit card out of stick-on wallet. Boom. Meter paid.
  2. When I am exiting a parking structure that requires paying by credit, same easy grabbing of credit card from my phone as listed in No. 1 above.
  3. I stick my parking or valet stub in this wallet so I know exactly where it is when it is time to get my car or leave the parking structure.
  4. In line at airport security, I make sure my driver’s license is in the stick-on wallet, so it is easy to grab it and then tuck it away so it doesn’t end up lost in the hot mess of the security gauntlet.
  5. When I am rushing/late and need to buy something (say – movie tickets), I again have quick-access to pay.

Some friends have asked me if I am worried about losing my phone and having my credit cards stolen in the process. To be honest, in that scenario, I am worried about losing the PHONE. That is waayyyy more valuable to me… In fact, I would rather have my entire wallet stolen – even with a mythical $200 cash in it – than lose my iPhone.* It is a lot cheaper to replace the contents of a wallet, so probably those credit cards stored in the stick-on wallet are safer than my actual wallet because you better believe I am hanging on tight to that little phone-baby. And, as you can see in the picture above, no credit card details are visible when the cards are in the wallet.

These wallets are available in many colors, and there are a number of companies that make them. I’ve used both the CardNinja brand and Sinjimoru brands, and both are equally great. My latest is the CardNinja brand only because they have the glamorous gold polka dot design. 🙂

stick-on wallet
This is a side view. See? So slim!

Couple of quick tips when going the stick-on wallet route: 1) They are not easily removed, so you might want to “install” on a phone case instead of right on the phone; it can be removed but it is going to require some – as my mom would have said – “elbow grease” – to completely remove the adhesive, and you won’t be able to reuse it once you’ve removed it. 2) The position of the wallet can’t be adjusted once applied, so be careful about how you stick it on. 3) I recommend going with the darker colors and/or patterned designs because the light colors start to show dirt/spots pretty fast. 4) This is strong elastic, and nothing has ever accidentally slipped out of the wallet; it’s a snug fit with 2 cards but you can fit more in there if you need/want.

What do you think about the stick-on wallet? Will you try?

* For the sake of not tempting fate, I am going on the record and saying I do not wish to lose either wallet or iPhone.


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