Life Hack No. 4: Make Coffee Ice Cubes for Your Iced Coffee

Hey!  Summer is here – can you say “Happy Memorial Day?!” – and it is time to start drinking your coffee iced!* But, if you, like me, are not a fan of the ubiquitous “Cold Brew,” then I have the best Life Hack (No. 4) for you today! In the video above, I show you a very complex and highly-skilled trick… how to pour liquid into an ice cube tray. You are welcome… you are SO welcome.

Actually, this video really is a visual reminder to NOT THROW AWAY your extra coffee! Instead: Freeze it! Then, the next time it is 90 degrees outside, and you just made a pot of piping-hot coffee and you are wishing you had time to stop for an iced coffee since there is NO-WAY you are drinking any hot beverage in this weather, you will have your solution! Regular ice cubes turn piping-hot coffee into disgusting tea-colored water. Butttttt….. coffee ice cubes turn piping-hot coffee into delicious iced coffee!

And, as demonstrated in my video, if you like cream or flavored creamer in your coffee, FREEZE IT, TOO! Then you have delicious frozen cream to help cool down your piping-hot coffee.

A few helpful suggestions:

  • These are the silicone extra-large ice cube trays ($9 on Amazon, Prime) I used in my video. I like this brand by Tovolo because they are sturdy and flexible, making it easy to get the ice cubes out of the tray withough ripping the silicone. The good thing about silicone is that it is stain and odor resistant – key if you are freezing something other than water (coffee? marguerita mix? anybody… anybody?). 🙂 And, because they are silicone, you can pour hot liquids in them without worry of the tray melting or warping.
  • In my video, I made half of my ice cubes with coffee and the other half with a mixture of coffee and cream. Remember you don’t have to limit yourself to coffee for your iced cubes. If you are using heavy cream (like I do) you will want to mix the cream with some coffee to get it to freeze.
  • Try other options for your ice cubes: half-and-half, a flavored creamer or non-dairy milk/creamer. Soy milk? Almond milk? Coconut milk? Yes, yes, and YES!
  • Friends don’t let friends drink iced coffee that has been watered down by regular ice cubes! Share this post! Save a coffee. 😉

* Snaps go to all my friends in New England who drink their coffee iced all year long. You guys are true bad-asses!




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  1. S | 26th May 16

    (Another) Great vid,Anne! Not just a clever idea but with your usual infectious enthusiasm, and especially love the attention-getitin’ ice-bangin’ opener – kazam! 🙂

    • Anne Stericker | 28th May 16

      Thank you, Steve!!! I love that part too! But also love that you commented – thanks for that!

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