Film Short: “Coffee: Six Degrees of Caffeination” by James Casey

Sometimes, in life, something comes your way that speaks to your soul. Yes – your actual soul. Today, I share this (now almost one-year-old) video short because it is one of those things. The way I see it, learning about this video is one of the positive results of starting this blog. No blog + no incessant posting about #coffee on my instagram and FB pages = no one telling me about this video.  So if you also haven’t seen this yet, enjoy. And thank you Regina Connell for tipping me off.

P.S. James Casey, would you be interested in maybe getting married to me? Or are you on Tinder? Valentine’s Day is coming up.

From the filmmaker: Casey’s rousing film captures the frenetic pace of caffeinated New York, featuring a cast of obsessives like Jesse Kahn of roasters and educators Counter Culture, and Oliver Strand, the preeminent New York Times coffee writer, as well as more casual sippers such as Nancy Whang, formerly of LCD Soundsystem, and Mission Chinese Food’s Angela Dimayuga.

And here is a list of the coffee businesses featured in this short:

Blue Bottle Coffee:

Box Kite Coffee:

Counter Culture Coffee:

Joe Coffee:

Peddler: (may be no longer. 🙁  )

For a link to the whole deal as it appears on, click here.




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  1. Amy | 9th Feb 16

    Must watch “caffeinated” on Netflix!

    • Anne Stericker | 13th Feb 16

      I saw it-because of your suggestion! xo

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