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Mistobox.com - this time filled with the oh-so-delicious Onyx coffee.
Mistobox.com – this time filled with the oh-so-delicious Onyx coffee.

Posting this now because some of you might be little procrastinators about Christmas shopping. BTW, this is putting the cart before the horse, but it is time-sensitive so bear with me. Today – Dec. 15 – is the last day to order from Mistobox, if you want your coffee lover to have beans by Christmas.  That said, if you are reading this on Dec. 16 – or any day other than Dec. 15 – just order anyway; getting beans on Dec. 26 or 27 or 28, etc., is more important than getting no beans at all. This is a true fact.

About a year ago, I was Googling coffee roasters, and I happened upon a little gem of a business called Mistobox.  At that point, I had no idea what a gold mine I had just discovered. Now I know.

This is a company that sources beans from coffee roasters throughout the country so it can create custom coffee subscriptions for its customers. When you sign up for Mistobox, you answer a quick survey about your coffee bean preferences (i.e., light, medium, dark roast; flavor profiles; etc.) Then a “coffee curator” (I know, it’s an overused word, now, but it is an appropriate description in this case) customizes and creates a personal subscription for you. You decide how often you want to receive shipments, and you can rate your shipments and email with your curator, so that s/he can adjust future shipments to better match your preferences. I email with my curator from time to time, and I can tell you that making changes to your subscription is easy and immediate. I can also tell you that the Customer Service is 5-star, and the people at Mistobox are so nice.

So, if you really love coffee, and you love trying beans from new roasters, this is the best service! I’ve been a subscriber for a year now, and I highly, highly recommend. There is a special kind of joy to coming home from work and finding a box of fresh coffee beans in your mail. I love it; it is like a coffee hug.

Couple of things to add:

  • This is whole bean coffee; ground coffee is not available (yet).
  • Decaf coffee subscriptions are available
  • If you pre-buy a subscription (12 shipments, for example) there is a notable price break
  • Coffee is shipped USPS Priority Mail, directly from the roasters – so it is so fresh

Annnnnnnndddd…. if you know someone like this, I have just given you the best present ever: a simple, simple, simple gift idea. You barely have to do anything. You just sign your lucky person up (and pay), and then he/she can do all of the personalizing after you’ve given the gift…  You’re welcome.

P.S. Oh, and if you are the coffee lover, then you are going to want to click here.

Where do you buy your beans and what is your favorite roaster? Comment below! I would love to hear from you!




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