My Top 5 Favorite Coffee Shops of 2016

Welcome to the first-ever annelovescoffeemore list of my five favorite coffee shops. If you live in or have plans to be in Los Angeles, NYC, Paris or Vancouver, and you love good coffee, there is something here for you. Also, I am always looking for new coffee shops to try in different cities throughout the world, so if you have a recommendation of a shop to add to my list, please comment below! On my short list of places I plan to go/get back to: Sydney, Buenos Aires, NYC, London and Paris. If you have fave coffee shops in any of those cities, hit me up! I will check them out when I get there. There are so many reasons I love each of the coffee shops below, but in the interest of brevity, I’ve just included my top few reasons.

G&B Coffee

Su-W: 7a-7p, Th-Sa: 7a-8p
317 S Broadway #C19
Los Angeles, CA 90013
ph: 213 265 7718
Because homemade almond-macadamia-nut milk latte. And because Grand Central Market.

G&B Coffee Design, Los Angeles Grand Central Market
The huge open-air space of the Grand Central Market makes G&B’s contemporary design feel light and fresh.


photo of Almond Macademia Nut Milk Latte from G&B Coffee
G&B Coffee Almond and Macadamia Nut Milk Latte.


Ten Belles
8a-5p everyday
10 Rue de la Grange Aux Belles
75010 Paris, FRANCE
ph: 01 42 40 90 78
Because Paris. And because “drinking good coffee is sexy.”

Photo of inside of Ten Belles Coffee in Paris
A view from the balcony at Ten Belles in Paris.


Photo of yellow neon coffee cup sign at Ten Belles in Paris
Neon coffee cup sign in Ten Belles Paris.


photo of hand holding Ten Belles Paris coffee cup
Look at this cute little Parisian-sized to-go cup.


Laughing Man
M-F: 6:30a-7p, Sa/Su: 7a-7p
184 Duane Street
New York, NY 10013
ph: 212 680 1111
Because Hugh Jackman, duh (even though I have never seen him there – sigh). But really because this a great shop with great coffee doing great things like donating all of its profits to the Laughing Man Foundation.

My bestie, Amy, and me (reflection-self-portrait-style) outside of Laughing Man several (ahem) years ago).
My bestie, Amy, and me (reflection-self-portrait-style) outside of Laughing Man several (ahem) years ago.


Revolver Coffee
M-F: 7:30a-6p, Sa: 9a-6p, Su: Closed
325 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC, CANADA
ph: 604 558 4444
Because well-curated selection of coffee beans from around the world, space is cool, and the big adjacent reading room with huge communal table.

Photo inside Revolver Coffee in Vancouver BC
Best coffee shop in Vancouver. Hands down.


The ever-changing selection of coffee beans available at Revolver.
The ever-changing selection of coffee beans available at Revolver.


Pastries at Revolver Coffee in Vancouver
Pastries. So many good pastries.


Cognoscenti Coffee
M-Sa: 8a-5p, Su: 9a-3p
6114 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90282
ph: 310 363 7325
Because they have a poster with illustrations cups from coffee shops all over Los Angeles. If that’s not good sportsmanship, I don’t know what is. But other equally good reasons are: because great coffee, because awesome selection of beans, because delicious pastries.

Cognoscenti Coffee’s Culver City shop.


Delicious pastries and chocolate bars. So many chocolate bars…


Cognoscenti’s very respectable selection of beans, teas, and gear.


Art. Cognoscenti Coffee, Culver City.

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