Onyx Coffee Lab’s Super Premium Ethiopian Maji Bebeka

First, I would like to tell you a fun fact about me.  Turns out, I am not a “super taster.” This has nothing to do with this post, except that I learned this when trying to figure out if not being a super-taster had anything to do with the fact that, when asked what flavor nuances I detect in a cup of coffee, I tend to answer “Coffee.”

Sadly, as hard as I try, I am not a person who can notice and/or label nuanced flavor profiles in any food. Wine: “It tastes like raisins… and jam.” Chocolate: “It tastes like coffee.” Coffee: “It tastes like chocolate and raisins.” I am not joking around here. That is for real.

Sometimes, if I am trying to challenge myself, I will use my powerful imagination and make up descriptions.  “Oh, this wine?  Yes, yes! Delightful! For me, it starts off with a wiff of the fresh spring breeze from a meadow full of wildflowers, continues on with hints of herbaceous earth, a tinge of manganese, and on the back, there is the faintest essence of burned tobacco.” I will never actually taste any of those things… unless I am actually drinking that wine in a field of wild flowers while some guy smokes a cigar and offers me a handful of dirt.

FYI, I think I inherited this lack of scent and flavor discernment from my dad, Fred Stericker, who – when drinking wine – likes to joke around by quoting Frasier Crane, “This is a good wine…It’s bold but not too presumptuous.” Hahah – I never get tired of that one.

But – wait – I am WAY off topic here because this is a post about the very delicious Onyx Coffee Lab‘s “Ethiopian Maji Bebeka” beans, which are 1000% worth their very dear price.  I discovered Onyx via Mistobox.com, by the way.

This is what I want to tell you… even though I may not naturally be able to define the specific flavor profile of a particular coffee or wine, I do know when it is good, so-so, or terrible. I think that is a helpful skill to have. I have had many terrible and so-so coffees (and wines), but I have also had a few “amazing” coffees, and when I have one that is amazing, I really really appreciate it. That is the case with the coffees I have had from Onyx Coffee Lab, which takes it’s motto of “Never Settle for Good Enough” very much to heart. Onyx’ coffee is sooooooo good. And this Ethiopian Maji Bebeka – at $25 per bag – is both amazing and worth the cost.  I love it so much I am trying to justify how I can make it a regular part of my coffee diet. For now, it has to be a special occasion item (this was a birthday gift), but I am thinking another bag is going to help me ring in the new year.

Just for fun, I did try to come up with which flavor characteristics I picked up when drinking this coffee (and from the beans) and this is what I got: prune, raisin, wine, (don’t make fun of me! I am doing the best I can), and a little bite on the back end. With the beans I picked up the the butter pastry and a little tobacco.  I did not taste the strawberry jam at all, which makes me feel very sad. Whatever, I don’t really care because I am enjoying the coffee so much, and that is all that really matters.

Details of Onyx’ Ethiopian Maji Bebeka: Gesha Varietal; Light Roast; Elevation: 1400m; Cup – strawberry jam, melon shrub, vanilla, pastry, raisin.  And if you want to read a professional cupper’s description of this coffee, click here.

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  1. Larry Spinak | 29th Dec 15

    I’m the same way. I know when it’s good. I know when it’s REALLY GOOD. It’s harder for me to get the “strawberry jam.” Your post reminds me of Miles in Sideways:
    “OK? Now, stick your nose in it. Don’t be shy, really get your nose in there. Mmm… a little citrus… maybe some strawberry…[smacks lips] … passion fruit…[puts hand up to ear] … and, oh, there’s just like the faintest soupçon of like asparagus and just a flutter of a, like a, nutty Edam cheese…”

    • Anne Stericker | 8th Jan 16

      Hahaha! You see me… you really see me.
      P.S. And I am NOT drinking merlot!!! Thanks for the laugh, Larry!

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