Trending: Sparkling Coffee – Crazy Good or Just Crazy?

Hello buddies! Summer! It’s here! And that means… it’s time to start thinking of all the ways we can drink our coffee cold. Yay! Today I’m going to tell you about two fizzy options, but first I want to tell you about all the old cold coffee methods and how much I love them or hate them. I will be rating them with school grades in honor of my friend Dawn, who has been known to say “This is a terrible plan. I give this plan an F.”

Here they are:

  1. Hot coffee cooled to room temp and poured over ice. A+
  2. Iced latte A+
  3. Cold brew coffee F-
  4. Nitro cold brew coffee. This is just cold brew with nitrogen bubbles, sooooo… F-
  5. Iced Americano – gross, no! You take perfectly good espresso and dilute it with water and then dilute it more with melting ice. F-
  6. Hot brewed iced coffee cooled down by coffee ice cubes. I mean, I did an entire blog post about this so, duh… A+

You might notice that I started with a few positives and then went into the negatives and then ended with a positive. This is known in psychological circles as the “sandwich method,” and supposedly if you do this whenever you criticize somebody, it keeps them from being as mad at you.

Onward. Sparkling ( or, as I have been known to write when I’m rushing “sparking” – let’s just go with it 🙂 ) coffee… you don’t know it and so you probably don’t love it – yet. First thing you are going to want to know: there are two trending sparkling coffee options. One is espresso with sparkling water (or club soda) and the other is espresso with tonic water. I don’t like tonic water, so guess what? Option 2 is an F-. 🙂  Option 1, on the other hand, is pretty good. It’s basically a fizzy Americano. I give it a B+.

Here’s what I recommend for making your “sparking” Americano:

  1. Stove top espresso maker is perfectly fine for this but if you have a “real” espresso maker go for it!
  2. If possible, used extra fizzy club soda (extra carbonation if you have a SodaStream and, if you don’t, use a sparkling water like Gerolsteiner – which a friend says has “aggressive bubbles”).
  3. If you just use a single shot, it’s gonna be very tea-like; I recommend doing two shots for stronger coffee flavor. Obviously, the more espresso you use, the less fizzy it will be.
  4. Add a coffee ice-cube to cool it down without diluting!
  5. Add cream for a grown-up egg-cream (I love it this way!)
making the iced Americano
Adding the espresso to the sparkling water to make the sparkling Americano., espresso tonic
This is the one and only espresso tonic I am ever going to try. In my opinion, it looks better than it tastes.

Here’s a little eye-candy 10-second video of me making my refreshing fizzy Americano. So relaxing right? You could just watch this all day long. 😉

What do you think? Will you try the sparkling Americano – or Espresso Tonic?

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  1. steve Heller | 8th Jun 16

    Actually sounds really good! (Especially egg-cream idea, yum.)
    But I am also … umm ‘yes anding’ your coupla “sparking” typos (nah don’t fixem!) and imagining to my great amusement COFFEE EN FUEGO! Flaming coffee! Do it, Anne!

    • Anne Stericker | 9th Jun 16

      Hahaha! I love this! I am so happy to know about these typos so I can “yes and them”! That is the best! I’m gonna leave them and now I have a very reasonable method for “dealing” with all past and future typos! “Yes, I meant to write that… That was my plan all along…” And then JUSTIFY the crap out of it! 🙂 Do you think it is taking it too far to write an entire second post about “espresso en Fuego – aka sparking coffee”?

  2. gryffud | 8th Jun 16

    I wouldn’t have tried this before, but I may now. And good job with the “sandwiching.” I’m sure the Premise of Iced Coffee will not be mad at you now.

    • Anne Stericker | 9th Jun 16

      HAHAHAAH! Thank you, Larry!

  3. Kimberly | 9th Jun 16

    Hmmm… rated an American an F-, then proceeded to explain how to make a sparkling Americano! You rated that a B+. I’m no teacher, but that doesn’t quite compute….Oh, wait! I am a teacher! (I give you an A for enthusiasm.)

    • Anne Stericker | 9th Jun 16

      The distinction is the “iced” Americano has two diluting factors but the sparkling Americano has just the one. How’s that for an explanation? ? Do I get an A?!

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