The $10 Latte (only in L.A.*)


$10 latte - Alfred Coffee
$10 latte – Alfred Coffee

When reviewing Alfred Coffee {Melrose Place} for this blog at the end of October, I included information about the almost unbelievable “$10 latte” at the end of the post. I had heard the legend of the Alfred Coffee $10 latte, but I had never bothered to ask what made it so expensive, mostly because I do not even like a $2 latte but also because it seemed pretty obnoxious – braggartish as a matter of fact – to be advertising a coffee drink simply for the fact that it is $10. In fact, prior to writing the review about Alfred, I refused to ask out of principle alone.

But lucky for you, I take my job as a investigative journalist very seriously, and so in writing the review, I did ask about that $10 latte. I found out that it is made with raw, cold-pressed almond milk (either vanilla or chocolate flavor) and it has 4 shots of espresso. Yes, four.

“It takes like magic,” I was told jokingly by one of the baristas, but he then added that it was really, really good. This was all helpful information, but I just have never liked almond milk in coffee so even after all that, I had no immediate plans to try it.

And then…destiny! Thanks to an AWESOME cross-promotion with Alfred Coffee and the Theory store on Melrose Avenue, Theory had made arrangements to buy everyone’s coffee at Alfred from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Saturday during November. Side bar: the cross-promotion part is that Theory is paying for our coffee so that they can dress the Alfred employees in Theory clothes. I mean, maybe I am missing something, but it seems to me this is good for the Alfred employees and good for the Alfred customers, but I am not sure what Theory is getting out of the deal… We already love you Theory – you don’t need to buy our affection.

That said, I am not ever going to turn down free delicious coffee.  Never.  So, the first Saturday in November, I was there in line at Alfred and I ordered the drip coffee for my freebie. But, as I was checking out, I just very nonchalantly asked the Alfred person if all the coffee drinks were free. I was told emphatically “Yes!”

“Even the $10 latte?” I asked.

“Yes, free!” the Alfred person said.

“Okay, cool…” I said, real casual-like, and I then I tried to look as low-key as possible as I left the shop.

Needless to say, the next Saturday I was back, and this time asking for the $10 latte without the littlest bit of shame. And so now I can give you the the full deal about the Alfred Coffee $10 Magical Life-Changing Latte. First, I chose the vanilla version as recommended by the barista.  That is when I learned that it is always served iced (you know… because raw almond milk – duh).  Second, it is a big drink, but it is very full of ice, which I am guessing is because raw, cold-pressed, organic almond milk does not come cheap. Third, you do not want there to be less ice because it is so rich… all that almond milk, which is lightly sweetened, and all that espresso makes for an intense drink.  This brings me to my last point, which is that it is probably a drink that could be shared, unless you are needing to pull some sort of all-nighter – and then, by all means, drink the whole damn thing.

The verdict: I think if you like iced lattes and lightly sweetened almond milk, this is your drink – 100%. And, even if that doesn’t describe you exactly, I would say that it is worth the splurge if you like strong espresso drinks, and especially if you are someone who likes to try new things. I am definitely in the latter group, and so I want to say many thanks to Theory for giving me the chance quell my curiosity on its dime(s). There is something especially delicious about any item that is given so generously.

* Or any other city where people will justify spending $10 on a cup of coffee.

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