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Best Alley Pizza in L.A.

Best Alley Pizza in L.A.

I live in L.A. and I like to have fun!  This is my latest personal project.  The dogged phoning of Athens Waste Removal Services to have this abandoned dumpster picked up and taken away (forever). I know.  I have no kids… I’ve got time on my hands.

The backstory: I have been driving by this full abandoned dumpster for at least 3 months…  For a while, there were also boxes of old books surrounding it, but at some point in the last month, those disappeared (one man’s trash…)

Finally a week ago, I was hungry for pizza so I call Athens to see if they deliver. What really happened is that I asked them what the F*ck is going on with this eye sore/health hazard.  (I didn’t really swear at them, but I sound like more of a bad-ass if I include cuss words in my writings.) I had a lot of questions for them, such as “how come no one from Athens has noticed that Athens hasn’t been emptying one of it’s dumpsters for the past 3 months?” and “If you haven’t been paid by the customer for more than 3 months, isn’t that a sign that they have no longer any need of your services?”

I was given a case number.  That was 11 days ago.

Today, was my 5th call to Athens regarding this because in my line of work, I have learned that one call is almost never enough, but 5+ calls and they’ll want to fix it just to get you off their backs.  Apparently, in response to call number 4, yesterday, they finally sent a supervisor out to verify the dumpster’s existence.  Now they just need to make sure the owner of the dumpster really wants to have it removed. I wonder what the answer will be?  Let me think… Let me think…

I will be thrilled if it is gone by Dec. 1.   To be continued…

Update 11/24/2015: It is finally gone!  YAYAYAYAYAYAY!  Thank you Athens!

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