The September Issue: Surrounding Yourself with What Inspires You

Hello, September! Most of you may know from my very first ever annelovescoffeemore blog post, that I love October… It is my favorite month, even though I live in Los Angeles, where October feels exactly the same as July. But I loooooovvvvveeee the September issue of fashion magazines. I don’t have to explain why to anyone who is the littlest bit interested in fashion/style. But for those of you who don’t fall into that category, I will attempt to explain. The September issue is basically the Academy Awards of a fashion magazine’s twelve monthly issues. There, that’s all you need to know. By the way, if you want to see an awesome (and at times somewhat frightening) documentary about Vogue‘s September issue, check out the documentary The September Issue. So. Good.

But this post is not about the September issue. This post is about creating an environment that inspires you. This is how that looks for me: throughout the year, I receive magazines filled with ideas of ways to wear this shirt or that dress or those shoes. At some point during the last year and a half, I realized that I had a lot of ideas and a couple big blank walls in my apartment, and I started tearing out pages from the magazines and Scotch-taping them to my wall. This was two-fold helpful because it gave me instant current art, and it provided me with a visual reminder of different ways I could put together items of clothing. Also, because the pages are just taped up on the wall, it’s so easy for me to swap out new pages from new seasons whenever I get bored or want some fresh inspiration. Lastly, I feel a lot less guilty about buying magazines because part of what’s inside continues to provide a valuable service long after the magazine itself is gone. At the end of this post are a few shots of my current wall of style inspiration. Some of this is stuff I will actually wear, and other stuff is more “aspirational” as they say. 😉

The thing is, though, this hack is not just for making it easier to figure out what to wear or how to work the newest trend into your wardrobe. You could – oh, I don’t know – use this for inspiration/how-to for new ways to style your hair or to apply a new make-up trend. Or, if like me, you’ve seen a million beautiful floral arrangements but never have a picture nearby when you are attempting to arrange your own bouquet, easy fix: tear out those floral pages and stick them up on the inside of the cabinet where you store your vases (or in my case your water glasses). Now everytime I open that cabinet I see beautiful flowers (who even needs fresh cut flowers anyway – what a waste! P.S. That is reverse psychology for whoever is reading this – delivery address provided upon request). Same thing for recipes you have been wanting to try. Yes you, like me, rip them out of magazines, but then they get moved directly into a box or binder. Again, this is not a useful practice – and perhaps more importantly, it will make Marie Kondo very angry. So to avoid that and to give those sweet little recipes their best chance, stick up a few – as in one, two, maybe three – somewhere in your kitchen – i.e., inside your spice cabinet – it doesn’t matter where as long as it is some place you will actually see it on a regular basis. (Tip: you can also take a picture with your phone and store it in a recipe folder in your email… Always available!) And if you’ve been trying to add a new life skill or good habit, putting a copy of an inspiring article inside your medicine cabinet (or in a ziplock bag and sticking it up in the shower – so it will remind you (hopefully) every day 🙂 ) can be a great reminder of something important you are trying to incorporate into your life.

In summary, you don’t have to be a style/fashion lover to have a little beauty and inspo in your life. Will you try this hack? Or do you already have some ways you create a pretty, inspiring environment in your own home or office? Tell me, please! Comment below…

Photo of wall of Fall 2016 Fashion Magazine Tear Sheets

This is my current “Fall 2016” wall of inspiration. I love the colors and textures and richness I am seeing in this season’s collections.


September Issue Bomber Jackets
Bomber jackets are still happening this fall. I am so happy because I love my Top Shop bomber, and I plan to wear it every day from Sept. 20-Nov. 30.


Magazine tear sheet of blue plaid sexy skirt
Aspiration: I will never wear this, but I love the fringe! It’s elegant and sexy, and the shoes are so hot.


photo of Anne Stericker with half-up top knot hair style pointing to magazine tear sheet of same hair style

I mean, it’s not “exactly” the same, but you can see where I got the inspiration, yes? 😉


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