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Alfred Coffee - Clare V. sleeve
Alfred Coffee cup with Clare V.-designed cup sleeve.

My first post here.  My name is Anne.  I love coffee.  How much?  I love it more than wine, more than chocolate, more than caramel, more than pie – and I really love pie (yeah, yeah, I really love wine and caramel, too) – more than Paris, and sleep, and movies.  You get the idea.  Let’s just leave it at I love coffee more.   My plan is that this will be a place where I share things and places I like, what’s working for me, what isn’t, some info about how I fix what isn’t working, and a bunch of photos of things I love in whatever place I am – which is mostly Los Angeles. Thank you for stopping by.














Here are some links to products I love:

Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

Chemex Pre Folded Circle Coffee Filter (100 Filters)

Kalita Wave Dripper 185 3-4 people for # 05033 (japan import)

Kalita 22199 Wave Filters, 185, Pack of 100, White (Japan Import)

Bonavita Electric Kettle (approx $50)

Cell Phone Accessories and Cases

Vornado 660 Whole Room Air Circulator

Fred’s Clothing


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* Carlson Labs – Vitamin D3 4000 IU – 360 Softgels

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City-dweller, designer, writer and lifestyle consultant practicing the art of living well in the 21st Century. Fixated with good coffee, great design, and any little thing that makes life better.

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