Video (1st one!) Reviewing the Kalita Wave Coffee Brewer

Hello! I’m so excited to post my first anne loves coffee more vlog reviewing the Kalita Wave coffee brewer. Yay! Check it out to find out why I think the Kalita Wave coffee brewer is pretty great!

Here are links and features I mention in my video:

  1. Kalita Wave Dripper (stainless steel, 3-4 cup size – approx $29)
  2. Kalita Wave Filters, Pack of 100, White (approx $7 – sold separately)
  3. Why I like this method of brewing: a) brewer is lightweight and more durable than glass – perfect for when I travel, b) great for when just want to make one cup, c) because brewing one cup at a time, you can adjust strength of coffee for each person’s preferences, and d) brewer design makes it easy to get good even extraction during brewing.

If you are looking for instructions for how to brew using the Kalita Wave, I recommend this super hip and beautiful video by Stumptown Coffee which shows step-by-step how to properly brew coffee (in a forest). These are instructions for the type of people who really want to get consistent results every time (real coffee nerds – like my sister. I love you, Amy). I myself am a fake coffee nerd, and I do not do it this precisely (at all), and also I like my coffee to be stronger, so just know that you don’t have to get this scientific in order to get really delicious coffee from this brewer.

Thank you for watching!

About the “CALI LOVE” sign in the background. This sign is by the amazing Amy Jorgensen of Hollywood & Twine, and is available (along with many other outstanding Los Angeles-made products) from

* Here in the “philosophy of life” corner, we’re gonna quickly discuss the topic of perfection. It’s taken me most of my adult life to learn the truth of the expression by our little friend Voltaire: “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.” Thank you coach-extraordinaire Rosie Reardon for that one. Loosely translated, it means “perfection is the enemy of good” (or “of just starting it” in my case – up until recently at least). That said, I think “feedback is the friend of good,” and I would appreciate your comments and ideas of anything I could do to make these videos more entertaining and helpful! Thanks, in advance, for your time and support.



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  1. Steve Heller | 19th Apr 16

    Aha! Video! Totally cool, Anne, great to see you in video (alas it ain’t live improv, but close enough 🙂

    As for perfection, yep, pursuing “perfect” be the enemy of the “good” that you’ve already got. And also what’s perceived as “perfect” is rarely the real perfection … I’ve come to think that the stuff that’s got Imperfection baked into it is what really ends up being Perfect.

    Anyway, clearly your *mug* is Perfect – – – cheers on Vid#1 and Go Kalita

    • Anne Stericker | 20th Apr 16

      Hahah! You’ve got a good eye, Steve (regarding the “perfect” cup)! Thank you so much for watching and for commenting! I appreciate it more than you know!

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